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Someone once said…”Work is the bridge between dreams and reality”. So just be warned: if you have big dreams be ready for a ton of work. :)

So there we were. Deadline city. Once again. A lyric video was needed. We were way past deadline and without any real options in sight. We were getting desperate. Having just finished Do Or Die and already shooting / editing City Of Angels there wasn’t much time to get one in order. Esp one worthy to share with you all. So I said F*ck it, grabbed my camera, went up to the hills of Hollywood and shot. We came back with this. Its mostly one take, a couple cut aways. But very simple overall and sometimes that’s for the best.

This footage will definitely be a part of the short film for City Of Angels. So, its a taste of things to come.

We got really lucky with some incredibly gorgeous light and maybe some magic from an Owl that kept us company during shooting. If u look close you can even see him fly right by me.

Really nice to be able to share such a beautiful sunset with you all.

Stay tuned for the short film coming #soon…



запись создана: 02.05.2013 в 22:24

@темы: Видео

2013-08-23 в 15:39 

Мы, кислые зелёные яблоки, живём своей непостижимой беззаботной жизнью (с)
Самолюбование в апогее) даже в видео с текстом)

2013-08-23 в 21:22 

Да-да, конечно.

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