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Do or Die

Империя Зла (тм)

A Message from JARED LETO:
I'm sitting in the dark writing this having just finished this little film and although I don't feel quite done yet it's time to let it go.
This is a story about an incredible adventure that we all shared together this summer. A summer that we will never forget. It's also a reminder (for myself as well) to LIVE LIFE NO MATTER WHAT. But ultimately it's a love letter to you all. The believers.
Even before I started shooting I thought of it as a companion piece to Closer To The Edge, a sequel of sorts, the next chapter. I knew it had to be special as Closer is held in such high regard by you all. So we worked hard. And then worked even harder. Sharing this journey with you all has been the gift of a lifetime and I hope you can see and feel that in this piece...our gratitude. It was difficult to surrender this one. I wanted to keep filming, continue the interviews, discover more, learn more and stay on the journey. But it was time and here it is. I hope it speaks to all of you and lets you know how much you mean to us.
Provehito In Altum.

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Концерт 30 StM 18 марта 2014, СКК

say it in daylight
18 марта 2014 планируем устроить небольшой флешмоб в виде надувных зебр и флагов такой же расцветки! И в связи с этим...

UPD: Питер! 26 января (в это воскресение) мы смотрим Питерский Концерт от 2010 года! Приходите же!

Спасибо за внимание!

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